Procrastination Is Strong Today

Tomorrow is the community event I helped organise.  The weather forecast is not looking too promising however, this is Scotland, we are used to getting wet.

Thanks to some last minute orders made online, I am now tied to the house today waiting on deliveries.  Lulled into a false sense of security by the recent good weather, we never thought of a foul weather option.  Having seen our local weather guru’s forecast which included the phrase “howling rain” I decided gazebos could be a good idea.

Murphy’s law means that as soon as I go out of sight of my house, these gazebos will be delivered, hence staying in the house until they arrive.  Which of course I have been told could be anytime up until 9pm.

This should mean that my house will be gleaming with all this time stuck here waiting.  I have started well with washing put on and worktops cleared.  Now I am thinking that a relaxing bath whilst I have the house to myself would be good.  Again, Murphy’s Law would mean that I would just get in the bath and the deliveries would arrive.

Procrastination is strong today, I am looking at my desk thinking I could remove all the old paperwork and have it looking nice and professional.  Then I think of the finding the bin liners and having to actually acknowledge the paperwork stuffed on the shelves.  Maybe not.

There is always the treadmill, we all know I really should get started on that.  My trainers are upstairs because I have on my bike boots having been out this morning before my daughter left the house.  That seems like a whole lot of effort right now.  Maybe not.

Cooking would also be a good idea, although I haven’t done the healthy shopping I intended doing last night.  That means I would have to ransack the freezer and see what is left at the bottom and defrost it.  Maybe not.

What I absolutely do have to do is go clear my front hall so that I can receive a 6m x 3m gazebo.  That I cannot avoid.  I shall go do that now then probably have to rest for at least an hour or so after my efforts.

Hope you are all having a good Saturday.

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