Procrastination Abounds

It seems it doesn’t take much for all my good intentions to go out the window.

I had my fabulous bath last night and relaxed, well to put it more accurately, I procrastinated.  I procrastinated for the whole night, sitting on the computer, watching tv, anything but actually go do something constructive.

This can easily be justified to myself, I work six days a week as the norm, 3 days in the office as an employee and the other three are for making my own business take off.  This week I am working 7 days as we have an event on tomorrow which I need to attend as the venue will be busy.  So by the time I actually stop and have a day to myself I will have been working 13 days non stop.

I feel this allows me to have at least a few hours to myself where I can ignore the world of what needs done and have a bit of a relax.  Unfortunately, I feel that quite frequently so the house can get away from me quite easily.

So here I am again, pretty much in the same space as last night.  Cup of tea, laptop, cosy sitting room and time to kill whilst waiting to take my daughter to start her night shift.

I suppose I could go take the clothes off of the airer, ohhh I shall do that the next time I make tea whilst I am waiting for the kettle to boil.  That sounds like a plan, simple yet effective and out in public.  Fingers crossed.

That cat of mine is still not using her igloo.  It’s all fluffy and soft inside but she hasn’t gone near it, just thrown it a sideways look a couple of times. In future I shall deny my daughter’s inspired idea and just accept the cat sits on the couch with me.

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