Preparing For Autumn In Scotland

It’s Sunday morning, mid September and the first soup of the season is on the stove. As the mornings start to darken and evenings draw in faster, it’s time to prepare for the season ahead.

Autumn is beautiful in Scotland with the trees changing colour and the weather gradually changing. It’s the time to dig out wooly jumpers, cosy throws and prepare comfort food.

This year is going to be rather unpredictable I think after the obvious signals throughout Summer that the weather is changing. Initially I would have thought that if the Summer was warmer then Autumn and Winter would be too. However, I distinctly remember a very cold spell last year so I want to make sure I am prepared.

The first step to preparedness for me is making a variety of soups and stashing them in the freezer. Today it is leek and potato soup which is simmering on the stove as I write this. I find that coming home from work in the cold is not conducive to then standing and cooking. I want something quick and comforting as I warm up the house and settle for the night.

Preparing for Autumn also means preparing my wardrobe. As the Summer has been so hot, I am not completely sure where my warmer clothes have been stashed.

Normally my wardrobe changes gradually as the weather changes. Initially there are strappy tops worn under the lightweight blouses. This then changes to heavier weight blouses and possibly a cardigan or shawl added. If the weather gets actually cold rather than chilly then all bets are off and the thick wooly jumpers come out. The layering is very useful when I get into the centrally heated office at work and can divest myself accordingly.

In the house I try not to use the heating until absolutely necessary. In an effort to make this as easy as possible, there are a number of items stashed throughout the house. First are the shawls I crocheted in the Summer, with two different weights, these are a good start. If they are not enough to keep out the cold then I normally use my daughter’s hoodies which give a next level of comfort and warmth. Of course there are throws and blankets in the sitting room and bedroom to just give that extra little bit as I wait for the house to heat up in the really cold weather.

How do you prepare for the change in the weather?

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