Post Holiday Clean Up Has Started

That’s the holiday over.  Now there is the post holiday clean up to do.

We all know that part of coming back from our holidays.  Although we have holiday clothing there is almost always some favourite pieces that came with us as well.  Pieces that we need to have washed and dried before we go back to work.

There is the food shopping to do because when you are going away for a week you absolutely make sure your fridge is empty before you go.  Let’s face it, the first Monday back at work is going to be a bit of an ordeal on a good day.  The last thing we want to be doing on Monday night is coming home and having to cook something from scratch.

At this moment I am having a tea and biscuit break having started the post holiday clean up this morning.  The washing machine is on, the dishwasher has been emptied, the drier will be on soon and the second load of washing will be on.

I was lucky in that I was staying with my partner in London so I managed to get some washing done before I left.  This also meant that there was not really any holiday clothing, I wore pretty much what I wear at home, which I will need at home.  Therefore, today I shall be washing as much as possible to make sure I have all I need for the forthcoming week. Thankfully the items washed in London can go straight into the wardrobe.

I am so glad I relaxed as much as I did in London because the post holiday clean up means I have to hit the ground running today.  Next time, I am definitely ordering a grocery delivery for the day after I return.

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