Our Family

You tell me that you notice a difference. A stoop in the walk, a forgetful moment.  We know this we have seen this and we are trying to keep it from you.

Over 50 years together and you are both going to notice some differences.  He is not the strapping young lad he was before and she is not the quick witted joker she used to be.

That you are still here, living in your own home with each other is valuable beyond compare.

So many of your peers have gone, so many times you have had to say goodbye.  That you are still together is a marvel, one to be appreciated.

We watch, we younger ones, we watch and try to cover the idiosyncrasies that come with age and denial.

Sometimes you forget and we pretend we don’t notice or we cover by chatting inanely about incidentals.

We do however notice, we notice and we break.

We break our hearts at the thought of our powerful protectors reduced.

We sob at the thought of our anchors gone adrift.

We don’t ever let you know that we are worried or we are frightened.

You are our life, you are our family

From our first breath to your last, we will be there.

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