Off on an Adventure

I am looking forward to being about a lot more from now on.  I have gotten over the post festive bleugh and am heading to London tomorrow for a few days with my other half.

My daughter will be coming with me on the understanding that when we go visit my partners daughter who has had a new baby, she will be doing the baby stuff.  I have never particularly been a baby person so it’s much easier if I just be the bearer of gifts and my daughter does the cooing and holding of the new baby.

Not exactly much persuasion required really.  Come with me for a week to London but for one of those days you need to be nice to a baby.  My daughter was more than happy with that bargain as she has been gifted with an infinite appreciation and love for all things baby.

Whilst we are there, we shall also be visiting some tourist spots.  I feel blessed that my daughter and I can still take such great joy in spending time together and both have the same mad sense of humour that allows this to be such fun. Watch out London, we arrive tomorrow.

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