Night Sweats in Sub Zero Temperatures

I learned something very valuable last night.  The menopause does not care a jot for your comfort or the problems you encounter.

Last night was the coldest here for a while.  I had gone to bed well wrapped up with fleecy track suit bottoms, long sleeved top and fluffy bedsocks.  No chances were being taken.

This preparation was however nothing in the face of the cold temperature.  Still awake at 2am I decided drastic action was needed and got out of bed.  I went to the blanket chest and dug out my biggest heaviest blankie and put it on top of my quilt.

What a difference.  Within minutes I was toasty and warm and could feel myself dropping off to sleep.

At approx. 4am however the menopause decided I was in a deep sleep and sent the night sweats.  I don’t know about you but my night sweats are way worse than anything I experience during the day.  Normally this is not too bad as I just pull the quilt up and expose my back to the coolness and all is well.

Last night however with the dip in temperature, this cooling took all of a few seconds and when I whipped the covers back over myself I was still sweating. I felt like some frenzied exotic dancer as I covered myself then bared all a few seconds later, then covered myself, then bared all.  I am sure you get the picture.

Thankfully the cold spell is not expected to last and I am pretty sure it should be considerably warmer tonight.

Sympathy to all of you out there struggling with the same problems on a much bigger scale.

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