Nerves Have Appeared

The weekend just past I had motorbike lessons on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

Saturday was with Pete and we went out and about round Dundee to get me used to the traffic and roads in time for my Mod 2 test.  We also had a short time in the test centre so I could practice my Mod 1 as well.

As usual it was a bit of a thing getting used to the bigger bike, however after the first couple of switchback turns, I was back in the swing of things.

This was my first time on the dual carriageway where you could get up to 70mph if you had the space to do so.  I didn’t quite manage 70 but with a bit of manoeuvring I managed to get above 60mph which was an absolute blast.

At the test centre I managed a 70% pass on my U turns which was an improvement on the previous visit so all was looking relatively good.

On Sunday I went out with Allan and another pupil and again we went round Dundee practicing turns and junctions.  I am sure I shall have nightmares about some of those junctions for some time to come.

Thankfully the mistakes I made I have learned from and will hopefully not repeat whilst on my test.

My U turns however, which I practiced at the end of the lesson had become much easier thanks to some superb clutch control learned whilst dealing with those horrible junctions.  Maybe there was a point to them after all.

Congratulations must be given to my companion who passed her Mod 2 not long after the lesson and is now without L plates.

I now have a week off from lessons before another lesson a few days before my tests.

Fingers crossed these nerves go before then, they have been almost paralysing over the last few days and I still have a few weeks to go.

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