My Non Food Preps

Welcome to my list of Non-Food Preps.  This is a list of things I want to make sure I have in the house just in case.  Much of it I already have just because I have acquired things through the years.  However, I do think it is good to make a list to make sure you have everything you think you will need.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and is mainly geared for my needs in Scotland.  Hopefully it can give you a basis for making your own list and adapting it to your needs.


Personal Notepad            The notepad with all your important information, recipes, how to tips etc.

Batteries              Various sizes and amounts – make sure you have spare batteries for everything

Axe                        I have a woodburning stove so this is very useful

First Aid Kit         Don’t just buy one from the shop, make sure it has what you and your family need

Pet Food              Make sure you have a back up of pet food

Baking Soda        Great for so many different uses

Sleeping Bag       Make sure to get a proper ex army or 4 seasons one if you can

Cast Iron Pan      Just what you need for cooking on a fire or wood burner

Fire Flint               Emergency fire making abilities are always good

Dryer Lint            To help with above sparks

Blankets               Whether for sleeping or putting over windows, blankets are a great prep

Multitool             Always good to have a blade/scissors/screwdriver all in the same handy place

Paper and Pens Lists will need to be made, kids possibly kept occupied

Contact List         Have a list of important numbers/addresses etc on paper

Bleach                   Must have to keep things sanitary

Proper Socks      Wet/cold feet make me miserable, proper thick socks are a must

Playing cards      Always good to have a distraction that doesn’t require power

Radio                     If you can get a wind up/solar power radio it will keep you in touch with the world

Hats/Gloves       Must have for when the weather gets chilly

Medication         Try to ensure a decent supply of any and all regularly used meds

Buckets                In case of water going down, you will def want a couple of buckets

Solar lights          I have garden solar lights which I sit on the windowsill and use inside

Good Boots        Or at least some decent comfy footwear

Torch                     Make sure it has plenty spare batteries

Camp Stove        Emergency cooking ability is a great bonus

Shovel                  Great for gardening and snow clearing

Sunscreen           Make sure to have some just in case

Bin Bags               Whether clearing up or for emergency rain ponchos, make sure you have plenty

Filters                    Coffee Filters/Muslin Cloth etc – you may need to filter water at some point

As I say, this is not a comprehensive list but it is the basis for making sure I won’t panic at the first sign of snow etc.

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