Making Midlife Better

There are decisions that have to be made and actions that have to be taken if I am to enjoy this midlife of mine.  They do say that lists can help, so what would I have on a list of how to make things better?

  • Lose weight – well I am female and overweight better to admit it and move on
  • Decluttered House – I like to save special things and smaller clothes – no more
  • Plan for making money – do I stick with full time employment or go on my own?
  • Get fitter – I need more energy if I am to be able to carry out my plans
  • Stop smoking – nuff said
  • Take charge of my official stuff – stop leaving things to the last minute
  • Eat healthier – also known as stop buying takeaways – see first point
  • Get up earlier – stop falling out of bed and falling into work
  • Go to bed earlier – see above

Well none of them seem too difficult and considering it is almost midnight, let’s start the way we mean to go on and get to bed before tomorrow comes.

Catch you tomorrow and see how things progress from there.

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