It’s Time To Acknowledge Your Contribution

Over the Christmas and new year period many of us will think of those less fortunate than ourselves and possibly feel we could be doing more.  To be honest we probably could be doing more but concentrating on this is denying that which we already do.

Rather than feeling guilty for what we don’t do, why not gift yourself the acknowledgement of what you do?

Do you help out your family?  How difficult would it be for them if you didn’t?  Rather than think that is just what happens, it’s time to acknowledge that you are making a difference.   There are many around us who would be more than grateful for the help that you think is nothing.

Do you help your community?  Personally, I have over the last few days been looking for ways to help my community.  For some reason I seem to have forgotten the two community websites I have set up and run just because I thought it would be a good idea.  I think that counts as helping the community.  How many of us do something just because it was a good idea and seem to forget that it is a contribution to our community?

Many of us help our community, but because it is not an official charity or community organisation, we don’t seem to count that as valid. Let me tell you now, helping a neighbour, whether it is putting out their bins, feeding the local stray, getting some shopping, checking on pets or taking in parcels, all of these and the thousands of small kindnesses we do every day are appreciated and valid.

If this Christmas season you feel you could and want to do more, there are many ways you can help others without trying to split yourself in two and burning out.

How many times have you been approached by someone in the street, not asking for money but handing out a leaflet or asking questions?  Taking a few moments to accept the leaflet or answer a few questions can make a difference for them hitting targets and getting a decent wage at no cost to ourselves.

Have you given blood yet?  Since the buses which used to come around our communities have stopped I know I haven’t made the effort to give blood.  Now is the time to make a date in your diary for January/February to give blood and help save a life.

Talking of saving a life, have you registered with the organ donors and/or bone marrow registers?  Such a simple act which literally saves lives on a daily basis.

These simple acts cost no money but their contribution to those around us is priceless.

So many of us make countless contributions to our communities and those less fortunate than ourselves on a daily basis.  It’s time to acknowledge your contribution and accept that you are making a difference.

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