It’s Time Our Children Knew They Can’t Always Get What They Want

It’s all very well raising your children to believe they can be anything they want to be but there has to be limits.

Having scrolled through a couple of news sites today there have been a number of reports of serious consequences to this way of thinking.

I am all for inclusivity however not everyone can do everything.  It is not the responsibility of the rest of society to ensure that an individual can do what they want.

If a child wants to take their bike to school, great choice, of course we want to encourage this.  Although allowing a 5 year old to ride their bike through rush hour traffic, filtering through traffic jams is not a great choice.  Why would you put your child at risk in this way?  Other road users are not going to expect a small child on a bicycle in a rush hour traffic jam.

Allergies are another problem.  I have no problem with not getting peanuts on a plane because someone has a deadly allergic reaction.  I do however have a problem when hundreds of school children are banned from taking a whole lot of items to school because one person is violently allergic to many items.  I genuinely feel for that child’s family, it must be so difficult but it is not up to the rest of society to change the way they live because one person has allergies.

If your child has limitations such as asthma, dyslexia, or is physically restricted, they should know that there are so many things they can do but there are also some things they cannot.

Personally, I would prefer that my pharmacist who is giving out life saving drugs can read the different medicines and instructions easily and without help.  I would prefer that my emergency services could breathe fully and constantly when their help is needed most.

As a mother I would also prefer that if my child had taken up a sport competitively that they were allowed to compete, not held back to ensure someone who is never going to reach competitive status is included in a team. By all means have everyone play a game but please don’t hold back the dreams of a whole team every single match.

This may seem harsh but so often nowadays we see reports of inclusivity coming at the detriment of others.  Everyone has limits, it’s time we taught our children that they cannot have anything they want because sometimes life doesn’t work that way.

Take a look at your kitchen, can all of your family reach the top shelves of the wall cupboards?  My daughter is 5’3, she can’t.  This does not mean that kitchen manufacturers should change kitchen designs so that she can reach the top shelf the same as me.

Society is geared around the majority, the vast majority of society will do their best to accommodate people who are restricted by something outwith their control.  This does not however mean that society should restrict everyone.  Sometimes you just have to accept that you are not able to do something that someone else can.

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