I Think We Need Classes On How To Be An Adult

Having returned to the Monday to Friday 9-5 carousel, I find Saturday morning can influence the rest of the weekend.

Friday night is normally spent relaxing and enjoying a well earned rest.  Saturday morning is when I catch up with emails and give thoughts the time and attention they deserve.   This morning my mind has been bouncing about on various different matters. The first one was regarding the younger generation and their abilities to look after themselves.

The conversation I had with my daughter (who works in a local services with fuel, shopping etc) to tell me that a lady I have known for years had to come in to her work to ask her how to put air in her car tyres.  That woman is in her 40s, how on earth has she not wanted to know how to ensure her own safety when driving.  Don’t even get me started on those who cannot change a tyre.  In this day and age, the last thing I want for my daughter is for her to be stuck at the side of the road waiting for some stranger to rock up to offer assistance.

Obviously, this has resulted in thoughts of a class for women to show the basics.  Not only of cars but simple things like changing a lightbulb, basic cooking and paying bills.  So many younger people nowadays are priced out of the property market that they have to stay with their parents much longer than my generation ever did.  This has resulted in them not having to do anything for themselves until they are much older.

Unfortunately, this also means that when they do move out on their own they have no concept of how to deal with the realities of day to day life.  Surely it would be a benefit to society as a whole if those who are classed as adults had the capability to look after themselves?

Let’s start with classes on understanding living on your own.  How to work the heating, washing machine, dryer, cooker etc.  Then look at safety in the home, cleaning chemicals, electricity, security etc.  Basic shopping is next, how many of us know someone who completely forgot about the magical items that just keep replenishing such as toothpaste, washing powder, toilet roll etc.

So many young people throughout the generations have no concept of the real costs of living on their own.  I know I was one of those who thought things magically replenished in the cupboards when I first left home.  I remember having to completely re-do my budget when I realised there was more to buy each week than I had originally planned.

It is sad that the younger people now are struggling to be able to afford to live on their own.  The best thing we can do is try to give them as many tools as possible to prepare them for when the time comes.

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