I Think It May Be Covid

It is just after 5am on Good Friday morning and I have been awake since just after 3am.  The reason for my early awakening was the cough.

What seemed to have been a bad cold or possibly flu earlier this week is now almost certainly Covid-19. I don’t think I have ever had a cough so consistent and debilitating in any previous bout of flu.

Thankfully I have been off work all week so won’t have infected any co workers.  Unfortunately, I received a call from my mother’s care home last night to confirm that she had tested positive for Covid-19.

I visited my mother a week ago.  The appointment was for 6pm on Friday night.  I took an LFT test before attending as usual and the test was negative.  I stayed with my mother for approximately one hour then headed home. 

The next day I traveled to the local radio station, Radio Earn, where I have a show on Saturday afternoons from 2-4pm.  I felt fine, was laughing and joking with my fellow presenters when I arrived.  During my show however, I started to get a bit of a pain in my throat.  Of course, when you are talking for almost 2 hours on and off, this is to be expected.  I headed home thinking nothing of it.

Sunday however was not so good.  My throat was very sore and I was feeling achy and tired.  By Monday my throat felt red raw and I called off work.  I took another LFT test which came back negative.  This confirmed my suspicion that I had caught the flu that was going about. 

I continued to stay off work throughout the week, thinking on Wednesday afternoon that I was feeling much better.  My intention was to return to work on Thursday.  My boss advised it would probably be better to take the rest of the week off and come back after easter feeling stronger.  I thanked him and headed for bed looking forward to being able to do something the next day.

Wakening on Thursday morning was a painful experience.  The sore throat had disappeared however the cough had now appeared alongside a very runny nose.  Still undaunted I saw this as the last day of my illness with all the crap coming out of my system. 

It is as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, almost half past five on Friday morning.  I was wakened just after 3am with the cough.  This cough is almost continuous.  The longest break I have had so far has been approx. 15 minutes.  That was managed by a judicious mix of hot tea, flu capsules and much nose blowing.

A PCR test has been ordered via mail.  To get tested sooner I would have to drive for approximately 30 minutes and I don’t think I can do that safely.  I am pretty certain it will come back positive. 

My work colleague had a bad cold/flu two weeks ago and managed to return to work after 3 days off.  I can barely get myself out of my chair after almost a week. 

There is no temperature, no vomiting or other symptoms, just the coughing and nose blowing.  Fingers crossed this is as bad as it gets. 

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