I Am Sure A Switch Flicked When I Hit 50

I have decided that female bodies have a switch that gets flicked when they turn 50.  At that point every joint, muscle and other part of the body does a bit of a wiggle and checks itself out.  That can be the only explanation for the number of times I have had twinges in my wrists, ankles, knees, neck and teeth in the last couple of years.

I am classed as overweight but not to a scary level however, I am definitely unfit.  I thought it would be pretty easy to get myself going again and sort things out.  How wrong I was. Going up stairs to the office has me breathing heavily and I only do that twice a day.  That gave me pause for thought, then in the same week came the toothache, a horrendous sharp pain in my ankle, wrist pains and a stiff neck that lasted for days.  What was that all about?

It seems that my way of doing things is not best suited to midlife.  By that I mean carry on regardless and everything will be fine.  I did stop smoking last year and am now using a vape instead which I thought would make a huge difference.  I would hate to think how bad my breathing would be if I was still smoking.  However, as I am still struggling I think my sedentary lifestyle may have something to do with things.

Perhaps it’s the whole 20 feet I walk to the car in the mornings on my way to work, or the 50 feet I walk from the car to the office when I get there.  Maybe these aches and pains have something to do with the 12 hours plus I seem to spend in front of a computer all day.  Couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the cake and vodka I treat myself to when I have done something worth celebrating, could it?

Time to start those legs moving again and get some walking done I think, before my body makes things even more difficult for me.

Was there something that changed for you when you reached 50?  Or am I the only one with this built in switch?

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