How To Make Ghee

Clarified butter or Ghee, is a great method of giving you the benefits of butter without having to use valuable freezer space for storage.

The process of making ghee is relatively simple and gives a beautiful end product which will last for a number of months on a cool shelf.

When I first made Ghee, as you can see on the video, it worked rather well, apart from when I started to put it in jars.  However, I managed to rescue that pretty early on and the process was saved.

This is the process I used –

Ingredients –

4 blocks unsalted butter

Process –

Place butter in heavy bottomed pan and heat gently

Once butter is melted, allow to come to a slow simmer when a white foam will form on top

Gently stir the top of the liquid to check on colour below

DO NOT stir to the bottom of the pan, leave the bottom to accumulate milk solids

Initial white foam on top should gradually turn to a clearer foam

When very few bubbles on surface of liquid and still a golden colour, your ghee is ready.

Remove from heat and using muslin or cheesecloth, strain into jars

Allow to cool slightly before sealing

This will now store in a cool area for a number of months.

I hope you find this and the accompanying video informative. 

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