Hot Flushes and Beer Bellies On Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s been a strange Bank Holiday weekend so far.  It seems we have done so much but done so little, how often does that happen to you?

Friday after work a relaxing night was had, watched a movie, had a couple of drinks, all was well in my world.

Saturday, we had a hotel booked, just for one night, just to give us some time away to ourselves.  I packed a goodie bag with plenty water and some watermelon, charger for the phones and extra towel.  We all know that an extra towel is a must when staying away overnight. There were no laptops as we decided it was time for us to reconnect after a week of running around having to deal with family stuff from both sides.

We arrived at our destination about 4.30 in the afternoon.  The hotel was good enough, clean and fresh with not too much noise from the surrounding area.  After checking in we headed to the beach.

Note to self – beaches on Bank Holiday weekends are filled with small children and men in various states of undress.  In fact, not only the beaches, the streets, the roads, the shops, everywhere I looked seemed to be filled with a variety of children all in various states of loud noise.  Screaming, crying, laughing, shouting for parents or friends.  Men of all shapes and sizes were stripped to the waist with varying versions of trousers and shorts on their bottom halves.  What is it with a hot day in Scotland that most of the male population think it is time to throw their clothing away?  Milk white and/or sunburned beer bellies wobbling towards you is enough to put you off your dinner.

The intention had been to go paddling in the sea, just to be silly and have a laugh.  Unfortunately, the tide was out and neither of us fancied fighting our way through the hordes of small children to reach the water.  Change of plan and we headed to the shopping centre. Another note to self – Jeans and trainers are not suitable for wandering about on very hot days.

The shopping centre was mercifully quiet and had very few people about, perfect for us we thought.  The reason it was so quiet was because the place closed in 20 minutes.  Undeterred I had a quick wander round and found a couple of items I liked.  Mission accomplished, time to get back to the hotel and change into the new items.

I cannot begin to tell you the relief after removing the offending heavy jeans and trainers and slipping into something way more comfortable.  Hot flushes and sunny days are a supremely bad combination for a female used to the normally chilly Scottish weather.

The intention had been to find somewhere in town to eat.  You know the place I mean, one of those small quiet places in a back street where the people are friendly and the food is fresh and cooked on the premises.  Who was I kidding, every eatery in the town was filled with families and kids running around.  For safety and sanity purposes it was necessary to find somewhere else which wasn’t as harmful to my health.

The romantic meal a deux was now blown out of the water as we eventually found a chain restaurant on the outskirts of town.  Thanks must go to the staff who gave us the quietest corner they had and looked after us beautifully.  Not quite what we had in mind but an enjoyable meal nonetheless.

We returned to the hotel relaxed and happy, making plans for the next day when we would again get to spend some time together.  Watch this space for the next instalment.



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