Health And Social Care Statement Hides Important Details

As a 50 something midlifer, I am surely not the only one who is finding the announcement regarding the future of health and social care rather concerning.

Although resident in Scotland, as my income will be affected, I watched the Prime Minister’s announcement with interest. 

The basic premise seemed relatively sound, the number of people requiring care in their later years is increasing.  Funds to support the requirement for care have to be found from somewhere.  However there has I feel, been some duplicity in the announcement made yesterday.

The statement published on the 10 Downing St has the basics of the statement only. It does not mention that the UK Government will be working with the financial industry on creating insurance products.  This was something that Boris Johnson mentioned in his statement that is missing from the official document.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid on ITV this morning was very careful with his words when asked about those who had assets over £100k.  His answer was that people would not have to sell their home in their lifetime.  He was also very careful when discussing the £86k cap on care costs.  More than once, he stated that this would enable people to plan for their future. 

Taking the above in conjunction the information coming out that the cap will only cover care costs, not accommodation costs, the reality would seem very different from the initial impression given.

What initially appeared to be a package to help the elderly maintain their dignity and their assets now seems anything but.

Now with just a small amount of extra information, there is an unease about just what exactly will be paid by the levy and what will still have to be paid by those requiring care. 

Will there be a requirement for younger people to take out insurance policies to cover the cost of care in the future?  Will those requiring care have to hand over their houses to the care system to be sold once they are gone?  Now we have been told the maximum cost for care, will we be expected to “plan for the future” by having this amount available in our later years?

There seem to be a lot of very important details that have not been mentioned so far.  Details that show the new levy may not be as initially advertised.

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