Going Food Shopping Has Changed Recently

It is 5am on a Saturday morning and I am at my partner’s new flat bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for the supermarket to open.  For some reason I am awake at just before 5am today so I am sitting with a cup of tea thinking I could go shopping to the supermarket when it opens at 6am.

He of course is still sleeping but as he has had a busy week trying to sort out the new flat, I am sure I can do without him for a couple of hours.

It struck me when I wakened at such a stupid hour this morning that for many of us, food shopping can be a whole production. 

Take my situation for example. 

I live approximately 10 miles from my nearest big supermarket.  This really is not a lot compared to some others who live in the area, but it is still a thought to go to the supermarket.

Firstly, transport – how am I going to get there and back?  Do I have enough fuel available to get there and back without having to top up the tank?  Is it better to top up the tank when I am there as the fuel is cheaper?  What if they don’t have fuel, do I have enough to get back home and get to work next week?

If I can justify the fuel to go shopping, then there is the question of what I should buy.  Obviously, there are going to be some things that I need right now and others I want to stock up on.

In the not too distant past, I would buy extra bread to store in the freezer.  This would save me having to go to the local more expensive shops when I needed fresh bread.  Today however, my freezer space is used for meat at today’s prices so I have some back up as prices get higher.

Fresh fruit or vegetables are now something I look at with a view to dehydrating for long term storage.  This is after media reports that UK farmers were cutting production of crops that were grown in greenhouses such as peppers and cucumbers.  Anything in the reduced area, is fair game for dehydrating if I think it will work and I will use it.

Next on the list are things that I have heard are going to be problematic in the future.  Recently this has included flour, pet food, canned meats and fizzy drinks.

The last items on my list are the more expensive items.  Laundry detergent, alcohol, fresh meat to go in the freezer etc.  These are items that if I have the extra cash, I will buy just now to try and help in the future when prices go up.

My final thoughts on going shopping, especially on a payday shop are all about storage.  How much room do I have in the freezer?  How much room do I have in my prepper pantry?  How much time will I need to get things dehydrated, frozen, stored away?  Can I get it done before I am back to work next week and struggling for time?

It’s a far cry from a couple of years ago when I would jump in the car and take a leisurely stroll to see what I fancied. 

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