Getting Ready For Winter

My goodness what a busy week at work and what an absolute mess my house is in.

I did try to keep the areas of my bedroom I had already done clear and have pretty much succeeded.  There has however been no further decluttering and no more cleaning as all I have done is come home and sit on the computer as one of my other sites was hacked and had to be taken down.

I have spent days trying to move hosting services so that I don’t suffer that again.  Thursday night was the first I was able to put anything on the site and today has been spent fleshing out the bones a bit.  It has been fun reading the comments on the Facebook page about conspiracies because it is a site against Business Improvement Districts and they make some companies a whole heap of money. Realistically, I just think I was unlucky but I was surprised how long it took to change things round and get the site back up again.

Now that I have managed that, I shall be relaxing for the rest of the evening and tomorrow getting stuck into the housework again.  My plan is to have my house cleared by Christmas so that when we come home from my parents on Christmas Day, it is a nice place to relax and spend some time.

Work of course will get busier as the weather worsens, working in the insurance repairs business, it’s a yearly occurrence.  Thankfully we have new methods in place to ensure things progress smoothly for people, especially in the run up to Christmas.  Word of warning, if anyone has any building insurance claims, don’t expect the works to be completed before Christmas.  By the time insurers and contractors get works approved, then have to get the details of any paint colours, flooring choices etc and get everything to hand for the contractors to begin, it is normally a few weeks.

Also, please remember to take photographs of anything new in your home, including Christmas presents.  If there is flooding and things are damaged, replacements are on a like for like basis.  It is up to you to prove that your flooring/laptop was top of the range.  Easiest way to do that it make sure you have photographs, especially of presents where receipts may not be readily available.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the build up to Christmas.  Have fun x

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