Even If No One Reads This, I Will Keep Writing

Sitting in front of my computer this morning I had a quick look at the analytics for my sites.  As I write a local news site it is a good barometer of what my local community finds important.  I also dropped in on the stats for this blog, which it seems no one is reading.

I found that rather disappointing as I thought I would at least have had a couple of people dropping in and out to catch up with what was going on.  This of course led to the thought, why am I writing this blog?  I write other things so do I really need to keep writing this one?

The answer is yes, I do need to keep writing this one.

There are of course thousands of blogs out there for people to choose from.  Many showing beautiful photographs for readers to aspire to.  Fantastic beaches, beautiful clothing, make up and diet tips, lifestyle gurus.  This little blog is none of these.  This little blog is the day to day life of a woman in her 50s.  There is no exotic travel, no fashion, beauty or exercise tips, there is life, as it is with no perfect pictures. I mean really, who has time to be making a perfect picture?  I point my phone camera at something and hope that it doesn’t blur too much.

I work full time in a construction company office, I run a local news and events website, I have a 23 year old daughter who lives with me and I am lucky enough to still have both parents.  Sometimes my life seems like a soap opera, other times it seems mind numbingly boring.  That is what is recorded in this blog and I am going to keep writing it.  If nothing else it will be a record of my thoughts and comments on life for my daughter when I am older.

Even if no one reads this right now, I am going to keep writing because someday I am sure my thoughts will be relevant to someone.

I am also going to check my analytics in case the code came out when I updated the theme.  Always a good idea to check the basics.

Have a great day everyone.

2 thoughts on “Even If No One Reads This, I Will Keep Writing

  • September 15, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Your kindred spirit is reading. Keep writing ✍️ ❤️

    • September 15, 2018 at 8:05 pm

      Thank you for that, it’s always nice to hear from others x


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