Easy Potato Scone Recipe and Method

Easy Potato Scone Recipe and Method

8oz potatoes

4oz flour

Salt/pepper to taste

Knob of butter for mashing potatoes

Peel potatoes and cut into chunks, boil until cooked through

Drain potatoes and leave sitting for approx. 10 mins to air dry

Add butter to potatoes and mash until smooth – Allow to cool

Gradually add flour until mixture becomes a firm dough – this may not require the full amount of flour or may require more.  The consistency of the dough is more important than the flour measurement.

Once desired consistency is reached, empty to a floured board and knead gently to bring together.

Separate into two

For each batch, roll into a ball then flatten out into a circular shape, sprinkling flour if required. 

Once about the size of a side plate, mark into quarters and fork the surface

I personally cut the scone into quarters for frying before putting them in the pan

Fry gently with oil at moderate heat for a few minutes each side

Serve with breakfast, roast meats, burgers etc

If you would like to see me making these and serving with breakfast as in the image, you can find the video here.

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