Don’t Let Others Gatecrash Your “Me Time”

I am sure I am not the only one who has started to wonder what has happened to my weekends?  Another weekend gone and very little of my original plans carried out.   What is it about getting older that people seem to think it is acceptable to gatecrash your life?

Working 9-5 Monday to Friday means that the weekend is my time, time for me to do my thing and get stuff done.  If I need to do something for my parents I have normally found out about it whilst visiting them throughout the week and it is factored into my “me time”.

Shopping needs done, washing of clothes, drying of clothes, cooking of said shopping so I have some pre prepared meals for after work.  That’s the basics that need done on any given weekend.  As my nearest decent sized supermarket is 12 miles away, planning is required for the weekend.  Do I need anything else from the large town whilst I am in the vicinity?  When am I going to do life stuff and when am I going to do me stuff?  Plans need to be made.

I woke up at 6.30am on Saturday morning and left my SO sleeping so I had some peace to write some articles and check on what I needed to do that day.  The plan was to do some basic house stuff then we would mess about with the bike so he could help me make it as comfortable a ride as possible.

By 2pm I had written 2 articles, visited local shops to take photos so that more articles could be written, visited my parents with cake from said shops and had my eyes tested.   I was a tad tired so we agreed that I should have a half hour of shut eye and then we could concentrate on the bike.

The greatest plans etc etc. Barely had I got comfy on the couch for my short nap when a family member who has pretty much cut off all ties for the last few years phoned asking me to visit.  Although I would be happy to have ignored the request I know my Mother would have been devasted if I did, so off I went to cheer up someone who has not spoken to my parents or myself for a few years.

By the time I got there and got back, the plans had to change as there was not enough time to do what we originally planned.

Sunday was not much better as again our plans were changed at the last minute as a friend whom I haven’t seen for a few months who lives quite a distance away decided to drop in.  In fact, she knocked on the door just as I was putting on my helmet.   I managed to test the changes my SO had made to the bike on a 5 minute run whilst he was making my friend coffee.  Three hours later and our plans had changed again.  A short run was managed but there was no time to work on the bike to change things.  This will be done by my SO today whilst I am at work.

For many of us who are at the stage of juggling work and family commitments with both children and elderly parents, a surprise visit or request can throw everything off.  It’s time we started realising that our time is precious and we need to keep some time for ourselves.  It doesn’t need to be much, but we need to be able to recharge our batteries and enjoy what little free time we have.

I know that next weekend, I will be planning things to be done in much shorter periods of time and by mid afternoon, I will probably be out of the house.  Don’t get me wrong, I love catching up with family and friends, but I also have to catch up with me.

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