Consideration of Others is Still a Work In Progress

The sun is shining here in Scotland and that means I can go practice my motorbike skills some more.

My SO has decided that perhaps letting me loose to buy my first bike on my own was not one of our better ideas.  I love my bike, it looks like a poster I used to have on my wall when I was in my teens.  Black with red flames, what’s not to like?

He however is looking at the sensible stuff and is not too impressed.  However, thanks to the joys of internet shopping, we are able to have various items arriving in the next few days which will make him happier about the safety aspect of the bike.

Today will be a day of two halves.  First up to the local town to take some photographs of a coffee morning and a new shop that has opened.  Then off to the optician to get my glasses upgraded so I stop getting tired eyes.  This afternoon, it is time to play on my new bike and tootle off round the countryside on the relatively quiet roads which end up at cafes with tea and cake.

Sadly, due to my enthusiasm and secrecy, my SO did not have time to arrange the transport of one of his two bikes in London up here for his visit.  I have to admit, I never thought about it but now I feel a bit bad that we have glorious weather and I can go out on the bike and he can’t.  Especially considering he has had bikes for years and wants to spend some time on the road in Scotland.  He will have to follow me in the car which I am sure will irk him no end.

This having to consider others when I have one of my plans is still a work in progress it seems.

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