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Clothing Declutter Needed

Clothing Declutter Needed

Some days I start to wonder if there is a grand scheme to gradually push me out of my house and let the clothes take over.

How can it be that I have so many clothes and so little space?  Even on the days when I am organised and have almost got my washing up to date it never seems to be enough.  As soon as I go upstairs to put away the clean washing, there seems to be another pile needing washed that I hadn’t noticed before.

Does anyone ever get their washing completely up to date and their wardrobes looking neat and tidy?

Personally, I think it is only when you have one of those minimalistic capsule wardrobe collections that you can get everything to fit into the space you have.

I don’t do shoes or handbags, I have two pairs of jeans that I wear and a couple of suits and possibly about 10 tops.  Why is it that I don’t have any space?

It could of course be that I have spare clothes a couple of sizes down from the size I am now in the vain hope that I will lose enough weight to wear them.  It could also be that the outfits I used to wear are still in the wardrobe even although I will never wear them again as I am no longer doing certain activities.

How hard can it be to do a clothing declutter?

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  1. Decluttering is meant to be good for you if you haven’t used or worn it in six months get rid of it….simple statement hard to carry out.
    I’ve decluttered..a token top goes in the charity bag ..I’ve had a reason to keep .
    everything ……well I might just wear it again or fit into it again.
    My husband has more clothes than me and he does declutter and it breaks my 💔. So glad he doesn’t do my wardrobe.

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