Bring Back The Season of Goodwill

It wasn’t so long ago that to prepare for Christmas you would be going to the nearest large town at the end of November for specialist items and perusing local shops for everything else.

Wandering the streets, hoping that the rain stayed off for at least a little while to allow you to get the things you needed home safely.

Most non retail businesses shut down the Friday before Christmas and didn’t open again until at least the Monday after New Year.

In this 24/7 society with the internet allowing so much to be done from home and less effort required from us the consumer, it’s time we stopped for a second and gave ourselves a shake. Let’s look at the Christmas period in the run up to 2020.

From 20th of December onwards until after New Year, there will be a massive increase in postal and courier deliveries.  Even if the website states next day delivery, there are physical limitations as to how many parcels a van can carry and how many hours people can work.  Just because you didn’t get organised in time is no reason to be phoning and demanding and making other people’s lives a misery.  If you didn’t order it in plenty time that is not the delivery company’s fault.

Christmas has been around for centuries, people used to make many of the Christmas presents they gave out.  They planned months in advance working out how many evenings they would need to get each project finished.  It seems nowadays we can’t even work out a date to press a button to make sure something is delivered on time.

Everyone knows that the majority of us will be looking to buy our fresh food over the next couple of days.  How often does it happen that the majority of the population is off work at the same time and all looking to go shopping at the same time?  Oh, would that be once a year at that centuries old holiday called Christmas?  It’s going to be busy, wind your neck in and live with it.  In fact, maybe you should avoid the supermarket and go to the smaller local shops, they will be quieter and more appreciative.

Just whilst we are talking about appreciative.  Don’t forget to be appreciative yourself.  The cashiers, shop assistants, phone operators and petrol station attendants have had stressed out people yelling at them most of the day.  They are not with their families, they probably still have their shopping to do and it’s really difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit when rude ignorant people are abusive to you most of the day.

It’s not easy and many of us are going to be stressed trying to make everything perfect for our loved ones.  Maybe think a little less perfection and a little more Season of Goodwill, or at least a little less season of expectation.

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