Another Sunday Morning

I wakened pretty early today considering it is a Sunday.  Having done the usual and checked my phone just in case there was something I needed to know, I decided I should get up and start the day early.

Ideas went through my head, I could go up to the town and take some photographs of Sunday morning coming alive.  Except at that time on a Sunday morning, there is no alive in the town.  No cafes open until 9am at the earliest.  The only shop open is the local Co-op, which is not exactly giving the impression I want for publicising the town.  Ok, so Sleepy Town Awakens is not happening today.

Maybe there is something else I can write about, how pretty the town looks, what was on last night. Hmmm nothing springs to mind.  It is a rather small town remember and if there was something on last night, I don’t know about it.

More tea is required and my rather refined tea palate is telling me more milk will be required within the next few hours.  Thankfully I am taking papers up to the United Free Church this morning and will get some then.

Having sat at the computer for at least an hour and bounced about the internet and checked news feeds I decided that it was pointless trying to write about the town until I had been there later this morning.  Much better to sit back and take this opportunity to write some more of my book.  Decision made, I shall sit back with my tea, read what I have written so far and write some more.

That didn’t quite work out either.  It seems I have blinkers on when I first come down stairs in the morning.  I don’t seem to see anything on either side of me as I make my way to the kettle.  The second time I head for the kettle however I seem to find all sorts of things.

I have checked the mail, put on the washing machine and dishwasher.  I have also hung a washing out on the line which has made sure I cannot ignore the fact that my grass badly needs cut.  There is so much more needs done and I am going to do some of it.  I am quite sure I shall not be doing all of it as I need to go to town to deliver my papers.

As long as I get my work clothes washed and dried and make things look a bit more respectable it will be a good day.

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