Almost Recovered

It seems this was not completely quitters flu, this was full on flu.

The weekend away was booked, the accommodation was lovely as was the company.  Unfortunately the flu was in full swing so the weekend consisted of many many tissues and hot drinks.

We are now home and it has taken until now before I could actually hold a conversation or read or write anything sensible.  Luckily the interview that was supposed to be yesterday has been cancelled as the interviewer had to call off work for personal reasons.  At least if it gets rescheduled I won’t look like a clown with a bright red nose.

I read the news recently and there were a few articles about insurance claims, as this is the industry I work in, I wrote an article to hopefully help in case anyone has to make a claim.

I shall post it here as well, please feel free to share if it is useful to anyone you know.

Now I am back to full health I shall be able to catch up with the things that have been neglected during my illness.  However, this will not be in full swing until Sunday.

Until then I still have my beloved fiancee and I fully intend taking advantage of that whilst I still can – oh and still no cigarettes.

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