A Busy Week Leading To More Challenges

It’s been a busy week getting back into the swing of things after a week away.

My new website ecofriendlyscotland.org is beginning to take shape and I am busy writing more for that and my local news website.

Still loving the bike but sadly it is laid up at the moment whilst I wait on a new back tyre.  I was out with the ladies from the local bike club and the handling was just not what it should be.  Thankfully the ladies know their stuff and let me know what the problem was.  I should be back on the road by the end of next week.  Hopefully the rain will have stopped by then.

My good vibes dishcloths are still going strong, have to say I am very impressed at their durability as well as their scrubbing power.  This week I will be passing them out to friends and family to get their feedback and if they are happy with them I may set up a store on the new website for my wax wraps and dishcloths.

Next on the horizon is my plan to make a rag rug.  So many tons of clothing go into landfill each week that I decided I need to find a way to reduce what my family throws away.  At present I am waiting to put my old sewing machine in for a service so I can look at upcycling some items.  Until then, I have decided to sort out those items that really are past wearing again and see about making them into a rug.  I have the hessian, I have the latch hook, all I need to do now is cut up some fabric and I will be ready to go.

Next month is the Plastic Challenge from the Marine Conservation Society.  Trying to go a whole month without single use plastic.  I know from last week with my lunches that it can be done but it is not an easy thing to do.  To go a whole month would be a feat of organisational skills that I don’t think I have at present.  However, reducing my plastic use to as little as possible is definitely a goal worth trying for.  Why not join in the challenge and see how you get on?

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